Sunday, 5 February 2012

We're Gonna Build This Land: Skyrim Creation Kit

Skyrim was a special game. So special, in fact, that it was officially RPS' Best Game of 2011. But, like all Bethesda games, there was the feeling that it could be even more special. Worry no more! The Skyrim Creation Kit is out on Tuesday, and finally lets modders (who have apparently been tweaking Skyrim since almost before release) play around with building bits of Skyrim themselves. So far most of the tweaks have been cosmetic, but the Creation Kit will allow players to make their own models and maps.

This is potentially fabulously exciting – you only have to look at projects like Nehrim or Morroblivion to see the quality that people can produce when let loose with Bethesda's Creation Kits, and we already know that much of the surrounding Tamriel is present in blurred form over the edge of Skyrim's mountains:

I can't wait for someone to add in the details. So come on, modders. Impress us. You know what to do.

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