Saturday, 4 February 2012

Uke-ant Always Get What You Want: MS Flight

You-kel-lay-lay. Oo-kal-el-ey. Yuke. Hawaii is the land of tiny guitars, and not, as you might have thought, the only sound you'll hear before being kung fu'd by a ninja. It also doesn't have seasons, which to a British person is like finding out that other countries have semi-skimmed milk bottle-tops in colours other  than green. It blows your mind. Warmth, all year! What luxury, whatever George Clooney might think.

It's also the starting setting for Microsoft Flight, the Seattle giant's brand new free-to-play pay-to-expand sequel to Flight Simulator, the epic franchise which gave sim-journo extraordinaire Tim Stone one of the most boring, yet rewarding, days of his career. I would guess that you will be able to purchase add-ons to fly elsewhere before too long (thereby suggesting Microsoft Studios are taking their DLC inspiration from David Bowie), but for now you'll have to make do with one of the most beautiful places on Earth, looking for fictional secret hatches  and real plastic beaches. Any additional purchasing will be through GFWL.

I like the idea of Flight, though – a scalable free sim experience could be just the way to build up an audience for this very unique and special style of game.

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