Sunday, 5 February 2012

Galactic Council: SWTOR Wants You

Run a guild in The Old Republic? Bioware wants to talk to you. Now. Well, not actually now. On the 4th-6th March. In person. Bioware have announced that they are holding their first 'Guild Summit', which I prefer to think of as the Galactic Council, in Austin, Texas, and they're inviting any guild leaders who are willing to stump up the airfare/hotel costs if they apply via this link. While there, they'll get to attend Q&A sessions with the developers, see new features planned, and give their feedback on the game.

I think that the only way such meetings will truly capture their subject matter (and justify the cost of getting there) is if they insist that all attendees dress up in full character costume, hold their meetings in the Death Star conference room, and that the eternal matter of Who Is Better, the Sith or the Jedi, be settled by a foam lightsaber duel between the guild leaders. 

I also demand, in my capacity as a non-attendee, that the winner of the Sith/Jedi duel then face-off against a representative of the development team, with the prizes on offer being:

a) If the guild leader wins, a new feature of their design being incorporated into the game whatever it may be.
b) If the development team representative wins, the guild leader has to man the customer service telephone lines, for a week.

I think that's fair.

For more details, click here.

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