Saturday, 4 February 2012

Unassuming Group of Robots: Humble Android Bundle

I do wonder about the Humble Bundles. Surely a time will come when every indie game ever made will have been wrapped up with its peers, and sold for whatever the customer is willing to fork out. Ah-ha, says Humble Bundles – there is a solution. They're indie games, Jim, but not as we know them. This time, the games can be played on a phone.

So, here we have the genius puzzler World of Goo (does anyone not own this game? Where have you been for the last four years? No, seriously, where?), the ambient-but-strangely-stressful Osmos, inverse tower-defence Anomaly: Warzone Earth, and Tim Langdell-irritant puzzle-platformer EDGE. World of Goo, the one game of the bunch to have been an RPS game of the year, is only available if you pay above the average (as has become standard for the cherries on these particular cakes), which for this bundle is a quite respectable $6.05. As always, as much money as you want goes to the developers, or to the charities Child's Play and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

PC codes are available for all the games here, but the real reason to be interested is the Android versions. Where once games like these cost £30 and came in boxes the size of those you'd keep cereal in, now you can buy them for whatever price you like, in no box at all, and play them on a pocket telephone the size of a wallet. Truly, we live in the future.

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