Thursday, 21 April 2011

Better Not Let Him In

People die. That's hard to imagine for a kid like me. They die and we put them in the ground.

A young girl in a red cloak stands on a path through the forest. She is carrying food, and wine. Taking tentative steps, she walks towards the house that she knows lies at the end of the road. The path is asphalt tarmac, breaking into a mud track.

She sees a glimmer of light in the forest wilderness. She leaves the path. The glimmer is a flower, which she joyfully picks. She sees another in the distance, further from the bright safety of the road. It is dark in the forest. She runs for the flower, but in her haste she loses sight of it. She sees another girl though, taller and older than she is. She follows the girl.

There are ruins in this forest. Suggestive things, things she cannot understand.  Maybe one of her sisters will. They wait at home, for their turn to walk the path in her footsteps. Or to leave its safe confines too. There are vestiges of something, of stories long ended.

She finds scraps of story, dead things, rusted things, twisted things. She sees the palimpsest of lives in the forest. Maybe lives once lived. Maybe it is her own to come.

She treads slowly through the looming foliage. She sees the other girl again, dancing alone. The girl is warm, is kind. She will show her the way back to the path. Back to the light, back to the day. It is lonely out here, in the deep dark of the gloaming forest.

There is another presence here. A dangerous, wild, hulking physicality. A wolf lurks about the little graveyard on the hill. She feels drawn to him. He looks sad. Maybe he would like to play. Maybe he wants a friend.

She approaches him, and...

Her five sisters are still in their little house at one of end the path. There is no sign of their youngest sibling. Another of them leaves their home, to slowly walk through the forest. It is ominous and unknown through the dark of the eldrich night. She could stay on the path. She could, but then, she spies something in the corner of her eye. It is bright, gleaming. It is hidden behind a tree, away from the path. No matter. She can find her way back. She can find her way home. She steps into the forest.

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